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Keith Ducatel talks to InfoSecurity magazine about the 360° approach when it comes to protecting businesses.July 23 2014

Keith Ducatel, Director of Article 10, talks to Infosecurity Magazine about how the evolving workplace has affected the balance between information security practice and reaching mission-critical business imperatives.

To read more about how employee awareness, benchmarking and bespoke programmes can bridge the gap between logic and practicality in your organisation turn to page 37 of the most recent publication of Infosecurity Magazine. 

Vodafone's Security CultureJuly 16 2014

Vodafone's senior security awareness manager for corporate security Luisa Gentile gives recognition to information security personnel who are 'unsung heroes' when it comes to keeping businesses safe from internal and external security threats.

An audience at Computing’s Enterprise Security and Risk Management Summit, which took place at the Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge at the beginning of July received a keynote titled “Driving a Security Culture in Vodafone”.

In order to achieve this “security culture” Gentile argued that security personnel need more recognition for their hard work. The telecommunications company have introduced certain rewards for achievements related to information security to encourage the staff and publicise the work that they do which can often be unseen.

Gentile also recognises that awareness cannot be a one-off, so the policy continues to roll out in order to “keep the buzz alive”.

To read more about the keynote click here

To find out more about creating a security culture within your organisation see what our professionals have to say or how we can help:


Integrated Marketing - Global ReachJuly 4 2014

As advances in technology and travel bring the world closer together, we are taking full advantage to expand our impressive client list.

As one Article 10 team touches down at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, another is making its way to Turin. And in Jordan, our video production crew shoots footage at the end of a trip across several Middle Eastern countries, beaming back daily rushes to the company's bustling UK bases.

Three teams. Three projects. Three countries. One day.

Our marketing is integrated and its reach is truly global.

14 of our company’s top 20 key accounts are global brands and, this year alone, we’ve had project teams working onsite in the US, Malaysia, Israel, China, Lebanon, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Jordan.

Journeying across continents as well as simply across town from our London and Reading offices, we are a well-travelled company, happy fulfilling the requirements of brands in North London or North America, down under or down town.

Our clients are varied in terms of size, industry and location, but one salient point remains true. Wherever they are needed, our teams are riding the wave of enhanced technology that makes the world more local in order to satisfy the needs of those clients - wherever they happen to be.

Check out our amazing clients from around the world here

The Internet of Things is comingJune 16 2014

The Internet of Things has been a hot topic on everybody’s lips for some time now. Technology becomes more revolutionary as each day passes meaning this concept is escalating into a reality very, very quickly.

But are our security and privacy methods evolving at the same pace?

Read more about The Internet of Things and how it’s going to massively affect our day to day lives on our blog here.

Article 10 AcademyJune 3 2014

As someone who creates presentations, you will know that there is a very thin line between something that's forgettable and something that leaves an undeniable mark upon the audience. That line can be the difference between winning a huge bid, securing a new role in your company or inspiring worthwhile change to the cause you're championing. So why not brush up on those all-important skills? 

For the past 10 years we have been designing the most creative and unforgettable presentations for the largest brands worldwide and now we're ready to share our triumphs with you. 

We invite you to come along and meet our experts at one of our brand new interactive courses and learn what the difference is between remarkable and unremarkable. The secrets aren't all within the technicalities, it's much, much more than that.

To find out more check out the Article 10 Academy.

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