Transforming your employees
into information security ambassadors.

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We deliver our campaigns in four crucial phases. Click on the links to read about each phase.

Having defined the scope of the campaign at the planning phase, we work with you to develop an effective delivery solution.

Campaign assets

Best practice training in security is achieved with highly integrated multi-channel communications. We work across all media to create campaign assets that target specific messages at employees in a high impact, memorable way.

Examples include office posters, presentations, plasma screen animations, information kiosks, intranet microsites and quick-guide booklets of best practice tips. We can help you to deliver live events, from simple exhibition stands to large information security conferences. We also develop online and offline activities and games that help bond information security best practice behaviours to memory.

Visual identifier

Although training in security benefits from a multi-channel approach, the various assets require a clear ‘identifier’ image to tie the campaign together. This identifier will be developed specifically for your organisation to ensure that it sits optimally within your culture. We can work within existing brand guidelines, or can gently step beyond them to ensure the campaign is distinct, noticeable yet still harmonious with your corporate identity.

We can create characters that become the friendly face and voice of the campaign, or we can simply develop a unique visual style that complements the messaging and delivers campaign unity.

During the conceptual design phase, we will provide you with a number of creative treatments to choose from. The chosen conceptual route will be developed into a full design solution that demonstrates how the identifier will work across all assets.

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