Showcasing The ETF To A Global Audience

Stylish television adverts filmed across Europe and shared with the world

Client: ETF Year: 2015 Location: London, UK Category: Video

The Company

The European Training Foundation is an EU agency that helps transition and developing countries to harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of vocational education and training, and labour market systems in the context of the EU's external relations policy.

The Brief

Having worked closely with many of Article 10’s creative divisions over several years, the ETF asked our video team to create a series of short television adverts to provide awareness of the organisation’s initiatives and goals.

The Approach

Article 10 provided a framework for five short videos featuring a range of aspirational business paths that the ETF supports across a number of locations. Each video would feature a different job role complete with dynamic on screen text to highlight key features and benefits provided by the ETF to those in different industries and from different backgrounds.

The Process

Shooting in three locations, Croatia, London and Reading, two Article 10 teams made up of producers, editors and directors of photography filmed each video using a matching style, despite the diversity of the subjects and settings. Featuring a kayak instructor, farmer and postman in Croatia, a dancer in London and a chef in Reading, the abstract shots and text narrative, along with a subtle soundtrack and ETF branding, tied the videos together in a seamless, professional series. The on screen text was also translated into multiple languages to reach the broadest possible audience across Europe.

The Result

The final adverts were aired on the Euronews channel to a worldwide audience of more than three million viewers, providing significant exposure for the ETF and making a global audience aware of the important role it plays.